Police Defend Body Slamming Sorority Girl Outside Bar [VIDEO]

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Video of a 22-year-old college student being body slammed by a Colorado police officer has been spread through the inter web over the weekend. Many who viewed the video claimed too much force was used, but as it is with most videos put on the internet, the video is taken out of context.


Michaella Surat, a sorority member at Colorado State University was allegedly acting belligerent and shoulder checked an officer as he was breaking up a fight between her boyfriend and another man.

After refusing to follow instructions given by the officer, she was going to be detained. The video shows Surat being thrown headfirst to the floor outside Bondi Beach Bar in Fort Collins on Thursday night.


Since the incident the family has released photos of the bruises she received from being thrown to the ground.


The video made its way onto social media with over 760,000 views and had people up in arms that the police were using excessive force. Never mind that the video was only nine seconds long or that viewers did not see what happened before the video began.


Viewers of the video on social media had an issue with the fact that Surat was only 5ft 9in and weighs just 115 lbs, so surely she posed no viable threat to officers. However, Surat was charged with third degree assault and obstructing a peace officer.


According to Fort Collins Police Chief John Hutto, the video was taken out of context and the officer used the force he thought necessary to control the situation.


“As with most events of this type, the short, publicly-available video does not have the context or content of the full event, he said. Additionally, rarely in use of force situations is there agreement from all the parties involved as to the appropriateness, efficacy, or necessity of its use,’ he said in a statement on Sunday evening.”


The police have refused to release the body cam footage from the arresting officer until the investigation is concluded within their department.

The family has rejected the claims that the officer was following procedure. In a statement to Good Morning America a family spokesman said, “We find the response attributed to law enforcement that this is a standard procedure, if true, disturbing at best.”