Police Are Warning Women About The Dangers of ‘Sliders’ at Gas Stations

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There’s a new wave of property theft gaining popularity with thieves across the country. It involves what police are calling “sliders.” These thieves work primarily at gas stations, and they target women, mostly, becasue they carry purses. The thieves pull up next to cars parked at gas stations and slide in to steal whatever they can.

The incidents are caught on security cameras, but often the victims of the thefts are unaware that anything has happened until the look for whatever is missing. By then, they are usually miles away from the gas stations.

Larger automobiles provide good cover for the crouching miscreants. Unlocked doors are essential. Thieves usually strike when a woman is pumping gas, paying attention to the pump and not the car itself.

“One of the incidents occurred in Simi Valley,” ABC writes, “in the greater Los Angeles area, and two others occurred in nearby communities.”

“Surveillance video provided by the Police Department of a past ‘sliding’ incident shows a thief pulling up to a pump next to his victim’s vehicle.”

“The thief then exits his car and opens the victim’s door while the driver is distracted at the pump. He is seen taking something from inside the vehicle and then returning quickly to his car before driving away.”

The crime is easy to thwart. Simply lock your doors. Be vigilant about your surroundings. Don’t watch the small video screens on the pumps. And do not leave your car, with your keys in it, while you run inside.

Some, like the woman above, are catching the thieves in the attack. Some are even fighting back. Yet, as the video below demonstrates, the thieves almost always have the advantage.

This slider in this video took off with everything. Common sense, it seems, isn’t doled out equally.