Homeless Veteran Cleans Snow Off Vietnam Memorial, By Hand, During Government Shutdown

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The government shutdown has officially lasted longer than any other in the history of the country. Many of the mundane duties of government employees are being ignored. There are some above average citizens, though, stepping in where they are needed. One of those is a homeless Vietnam veteran named Franklin Davis.

Davis is struggling with his health. He reportedly has cancer and diabetes. The shelter where he is currently living turns their residents out everyday at 8:00 a.m. Davis and many others then hit the streets of Washington D.C.

“This week, the Vietnam veteran has been heading to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial park,” Inquisitr writes, “cleaning up the trash that has accumulated during the ongoing government shutdown.”

A picture of Davis clearing the memorial went viral this week and shows the resilience of those who still care about their country.

“Davis was spotted by photographer Stephen Voss, who saw the veteran picking up garbage and sweeping away leaves around the memorial. Davis said he wanted to honor those who lost their lives in the Vietnam War.”

“He told me he knew some of the people whose names are on the wall who lost their lives in Vietnam, and I thought it was a really remarkable thing that he chose to do this,” he told Voss. “Someone who has very little has chosen to do something that the U.S. government currently can’t do, which is maintain these memorials and keep them in good shape.”

Davis is one of many who have come to the rescue, so to speak. “Last week, a national Muslim youth group organized a nationwide day to clean up the parks overflowing with garbage. The group had posted about the event beforehand, prompting many other citizens to join in the clean-up effort. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association held these events in Washington and Philadelphia, where members cleaned overflowing garbage cans outside of Independence Hall,” Inquisitr adds.

“Service to our nation and cleanliness are important parts of Islam,” Dr. Madeel Abdullah, the president of the youth group, told reporters.

“We could not sit idly by as our national parks collected trash. We will lead by example and dispose of this garbage appropriately and invite all Americans to join us in these parks and others across the nation.”

Davis, though, is not part of any organized event. He did what he did, and continues to do so, with no thought of himself, but only of the country that he served many years ago, and continues to serve now.