People are Losing Their Minds About This Man Standing on a Plane for Six Hours so His Wife Could Sleep

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Couples often go to great lengths to make sure their significant other is happy. It can be picking up flowers and chocolates after a long work week or throwing a huge surprise party for their birthday. But sometimes it’s the little things. One man’s act of kindness was photographed, but not everyone agrees with his actions.

An unnamed man was photographed standing next to his wife on a plane while she laid across three seats to sleep. Courtney Lee Johnson, a life coach and the woman who took the picture, claimed the man stood there for six hours so his wife could get some sleep.

“This guy stood up the whole six hours so his wife could sleep. Now THAT is love,” her caption read. The photo soon went viral with many people offering differing opinion on the matter. Some questioned an airliner allowing someone to stand for six hours, while others took issue with the sentiment that this was love.

“She could have still rested her head on his lap,” one commenter wrote. “If that is love then I’d rather be lonely,” another person wrote. One person took issue with the idea that the stewardess would even allow the man to block the aisle of the plane for a prolonged period of time.

“Remember this social media, if you are actually going to believe shit like this, then you are on your own,” he wrote. Another echoed similar sentiments. “That’s not love. Also which airline allows anyone to stand for 6 hours during a flight?”

While many expressed that they felt the man was being exploited by his wife, some came to the defense of the woman photographed.

“That is the ultimate love, but with a little travel experience…you know to just lay in his lap and then he can lay his head on your hips. There’s a formula lol,” the woman wrote.

It’s fair to assume we would all like to know what this “formula” is that she is speaking about.