Man Stops Brutal Assault on Phoenix Light Rail With Katana [VIDEO]

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At least 13 million Americans are currently licensed to carry firearms and other weapons for self defense. That’s not counting states where people can carry without a license or states that don’t report their license numbers. Even thought tens of millions of Americans are eligible to carry weapons for self defense, nearly all opt for the same thing – small to medium sized handguns.

However, one Phoenix man went a very different route in regards to his personal protection. In 2012, a video surfaced showing a man on the Phoenix Light Rail stopping a brutal 2 on 1 assault using a katana. Based on his movements in the video, it seems clear the man knows what he’s doing. He manages to break up the brawl and force the two aggressors off of the train.

Local media tracked down the man a couple of weeks later. In an interview, the hero, self identified as Kairo Seijuro, is a little “different”, but it seems like he certainly knows his way around a sword. He says he started training with the katana and in martial arts in general when he was nine and his family was living in Japan.

In regards to the interview, Seijuro later said on his Youtube channel that he regretted the overall tone of the interview:

Yes it was a terrible interview… It was my first time and I wanted to get it over with… I was more focused on training than I was making public appeal or approval for that matter. In any case… That holds little to no relevance in the current standing of things.

Phoenix police Sergeant Steve Martos spoke approvingly of the incident saying to a local news agency, “It appears the individual with the sword helped to stop the fight.”