Philadelphia Man Steals Car with 3 Kids Inside. Mob Beats Him to Death.

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A mother drove to a pizza restaurant at approximately 9:15 am local time on Thursday and left the engine running. Three young kids were still inside the vehicle as the mother went inside to speak with the father of two of the children. Then, a 54-year-old man hoped inside the car and drove off, taking all three kids with him.

The incident took place in Philadelphia. According to a report by WREG, the mother and father took off after the vehicle once it was stolen, pursuing the carjacker on foot.

When the car got held up in traffic, the parents managed to catch up.

The thief, later identified as Eric Hood, was dragged out of the vehicle by the parents. Hood attempted to flee once the parents arrived, assaulting the father as he tried to make his escape.

However, a large crowd intervened, stopping the fleeing suspect.

The father caught up with Hood, and a fight ensured. At this point, in an act of mob justice, the crowd also joined in and began beating Hood.

Hood was knocked unconscious during the altercation.

Law enforcement arrived on the scene and quelled the crowd. Hood was transported to Temple University Hospital for treatment of his injuries. However, he was soon pronounced dead.

The children – who ranged in age from 7 months to 5 years – were not harmed during the incident.

Video of the altercation did make its way onto Instagram, showing the crowd kicking and beating Hood as he was lying on the ground.

Law enforcement is investigating the incident, including the video footage. They are encouraging anyone who was involved to step forward.

The mother and father were also interviewed by authorities. At this time, no charges have been levied and no arrests have been made in response to the incident.