Person Tried to Harass Kellyanne Conway in Supermarket. She Immediately Shut Them Down

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Public figures seldom go out in public without being recognized. While some Americans are willing to allow famous figures space, the majority can’t resist overt displays of attention. For the figures close to President Trump, this attention is often negative. Yet Kellyanne Conway has stood out as one who isn’t taking any guff off of her haters.

The Washington Post has published an analysis of the public reaction to Trump’s advisors. One of the anecdotes focuses on Kellyanne Conway on a trip to a supermarket.

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself!” a man in the store told her as he passed by. “Go look in the mirror!”

“Mirrors are in aisle 9 — I’ll go get one now,” snapped back.

“What am I gonna do? Fall apart in the canned vegetable aisle?” She explained about the incident.

“For any new presidential team, the challenges of adapting to Washington include navigating a capital with its own unceasing rhythms and high-pitched atmospherics, not to mention a maze of madness-inducing traffic circles,” The Post writes.

Conway is far from the only one to have been accosted in public. Stephen Miller, a senior Trump adviser, is the subject of wanted posters that have appeared after the recent debates about the administration’s immigration policy.

This past weekend, Stephen Bannon was in a bookstore in Richmond, Virginia when a woman called him a “piece of trash.”

“We are a bookshop. Bookshops are all about ideas and tolerating different opinions and not about verbally assaulting somebody, which is what was happening,” the owner of the store told reporters.

The constant abuses are taking their toll on those closest to Trump. “I would say it’s burning people out,” Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s former communications director, told The Post. “I just think there’s so much meanness, it’s causing some level of, ‘What do I need this for?’ And I think it’s a recruiting speed bump for the administration. To be part of it, you’ve got to deal with the incoming of some of this viciousness.”

Conway, though, seems willing to push back. Conway said she thought the citizens of D.C.  “would help transition into the next administration. I wasn’t expecting people to try to undo the election and drive us out of town.”

Even her husband is a target of the ridicule. “It’s just endless selfies,” George Conway said. “It makes it hard sometimes to leave when you have to go some place.”

Kellyanne was at a Baltimore Orioles game when one of these “fans” wanted a selfie. As she took the picture, the man quipped that Conway was famous “for all the wrong reasons.”

“I’m fluent in ignoramus,” she replied. “What did you say?”

She did take the picture, but told the man she would add the image to her “collection of underachieving men.”