People Are Sharing the Permanent Marks Left by Being Stabbed by a Pencil as a Child. There’s a Lot.

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Even as I type this, I’ve got two pencil leads the palm of my right hand. I blocked a purse that was being swung by a sixth-grade classmate and a pencil lanced the purse and my hand. Years later, I had a pencil in my back pocket and I reach for it a skewered myself. They are both still visible now, many years later. And it looks like I’m not alone.

My pencil leads are both deep, and almost invisible. I’d only ever thought of them as a curiosity. But the phenomena is now going viral, as the images below show.

One Twitter user (below) asked for Twitter users to show that he wasn’t alone.

“Hello I’m looking for people who have led from their pencil stuck inside their bodies,” he wrote.

The internet responded.

Some of those injuries must have been much more traumatic that mine.

Some are what would be called “user error,” and would have required a trip to the ER.

I think it is there, just at the bottom of the pic, in that knee. No explanation of how she got stabbed in the knee.

Many seem confused about how the accident happened in the first place.

The hand is a very popular place to get stuck with a pencil, it seems. Makes sense.

But there are some marks on the ends of noses. This dude wanted a close look, but maybe not that close.

Another shot in the palm with no explanation.

Twins. Is there a correlation between the injury site and right or left handedness?

So many of the eyeball and eye socket injuries seem a bit more serious. All of these, though, still have their eyesight. There may be a separate thread for those who weren’t so lucky.

We all know not to run with scissors. The pencil, though, seems equally dangerous.

Stabbed in the leg for revenge. That’s cold, even for a middle schooler.

As these images show, it is very common.

Nope. Not even close. Marked for life, just like the rest of us.

Is there a correlation between difficulty with single digit multiplication and forgetting that your pencil is pointing up as you willingly slam you head on your desk?

This one doesn’t count as self inflicted.

These old-school desks… are they still inflicting injuries on the youth of America?

A thrown pencil…. That was a good shot.

Misery, even when it is a very insignificant misery, clearly loves company.