People are Selling Work Uniforms Online So You Can Skip Lines on Black Friday

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What originally started as a joke spawned a real trend after one Twitter user posted that their Walmart vest was for sale, saying, “Use it to skip the line during Black Friday. You can even walk in, grab what you want, and walk out.” After being inundated with offers, he asserted it was a joke, but it was too late.

Black Friday is a huge event in the US, with people flocking to nearby retailers in hopes of scoring exceptional deals on coveted products. With the size of the crowds, the idea that some people would be interested in finding an advantage isn’t a surprise.

According to BuzzFeed, the initial tweet about a Walmart vest for sale, which he listed with a price of $100, was posted by @OverlyLiked.

After droves of Twitter users tried to purchase the vest, @OverlyLiked stated, “Lol people really been trying to buy the Walmart vest. It was a joke I don’t even own a Walmart vest.”

Shortly after his post, uniforms for stores like BestBuy and Target began popping up, as well as others for Walmart.

Some people even began advertising Walmart vests using the same pictures from @OverlyLiked’s original tweet.

According to a person who insinuates that they are a Walmart employee, news of the sales has traveled fast. She wrote, “At the manager meeting today we were told that if we see anyone we don’t recognize on Thursday/black Friday wearing a walmart vest to question them.”

Whether anyone actually ends up with an advantage over the crowds by using a uniform won’t be known until after Black Friday. However, grabbing items and simply walking out of the store would be considered shoplifting, so the consequences of such actions could be severe.