Pastafarian Wears Pasta Colander in License Photo [VIDEO]

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Believers of Pastafarianism, a “religion” that believes a flying spaghetti monster created the world, feel they’re being discriminated against by the MVD as members of their congregation have not been allowed to wear pasta strainers on their heads during license photos. But one Arizona man has finally triumphed over this “religious oppression” and was allowed to wear a colander in his license photo.

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Sean Corbett claimed religious bias when the MVD would not allow the “attire” on his head in his photo. Recently, he revealed to the media that he was ultimately allowed to wear a colander as he’d requested and explained some about his religious beliefs.

“Basically the premise of the religion is just to kind of chose what you want to do, be good to other people, and have fun,” he explained. Corbett acknowledged how strange his religion may seem to others, but it suits him. “It’s a little ridiculous, I know,” said Corbett. “And of course, enjoy pasta. We celebrate by eating anything with noodles in it.”

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster was created in 2005 in the effort to combat Creationism being taught in public schools. “So basically the religion is a parody of intelligent design,” he told Fox6.

The group’s website states: “We are not anti-religion, we are anti- crazy nonsense done in the name of religion. There is a difference.” It adds, “Some Pastafarians honestly believe in the FSM, and some see it as satire. I would just make the point that satire is an honest, legitimate basis for religion. Satire relies on truth to be effective. If it’s a joke, it’s a joke where to understand the punchline you must be conscious of underlying truth.”

Corbett said he had a hard time getting the MVD to allow his take his picture with his head attire but after years of fighting it he was finally allowed. “I was pretty excited, being the first person to accomplish this is a huge deal because then it opens up the door to other Pastafarians,” he said.

He thinks he is the first in his state to be awarded his license photo the way his religion intended. Other states had a similar issue on their hands. In 2015, Lindsay Miller, a fellow Pastafarian was allowed to wear a colander in her driver’s license. She cited the First Amendment in her argument.

I guess you could call this a victory for Pastafarians everywhere.