Passenger Gets Caught Trying Smuggle Handgun on Plane by Hiding It in Tin Foil

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A man was arrested after TSA employees discovered he was trying to smuggle a handgun onto an aircraft in a checked bag. In an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to get the firearm passed the airport’s security measures, the man wrapped the gun in tin foil and hid it inside a DVD player inside the suitcase.

The New York man was trying to fly out of JFK International Airport on Saturday with the handgun hidden inside his checked bag, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

While the firearm was wrapped in tin foil and placed inside a DVD player, that wasn’t enough to stop TSA employees from spotting the gun.

Lisa Farbstein, a TSA spokesperson, mocked the accused suspect in a post on Twitter. “Want to travel with a gun,” she wrote. “I can assure you that wrapping it in aluminum foil and the concealing it inside a DVD player isn’t the way to go about it… C’mon man!”

TSA officials contacted the Port Authority Police after finding the weapon. The presumed owner, a resident of Elmhurst, New York, was tracked down and located at a gate in the airport waiting for his flight to Mexico to board.

Instead of being able to catch the flight, the man was taken into custody and faces weapons violation charges.

TSA employees have also found many other real and replica weapons recently, including a mortar round in a checked bag at JFK International Airport on April 13, according to a TSA blog post.

In a tweet, the TSA announced that it spotted 91 firearms in carry-on bags alone during the week of April 8 through April 14. Additionally, they discovered a flash grenade and stun guns.

The TSA says the most common excuse employees hear when they find a prohibited item is that the traveler forgot it was in their bag. Officials recommend thoroughly checking all of your bags before proceeding to the airport, ensuring that any banned items have been removed and that you won’t be subject to potential civil and criminal penalties.