Parents Share Shocking Photos of Life Before And After They Had Kids

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As a parent, I can say that nothing prepared me for having kids. Other family members assure me that I had been told. They swear to me that they issued warnings and did everything in their power to foreshadow what was to come. I must not have been listening. By the looks of the photos below, I’m not alone.

These come from Mike Julianelle’s blog Dad and Buried. Julianelle asked readers to send in images that capture the before/after experience. Those of us with kids can empathize. Those without should be made to look at each one of these. Though the faces change, the exhaustion clearly is a common thread.

That vacant stare. The kid doesn’t have it. She has plenty of energy.

Many of the parents in these images look much more disheveled than they did in the “before” image.

Even their Halloween costumes look decidedly different.

Odds are this dad has a daughter. Just a guess.

Nightlife takes on a new meaning, too.

Perhaps she’s toned down her habit a bit. And love the new specs.

This dad is a candidate for the biggest transformation. Odds are, the band has broken up.

Dogs are great “starter projects” for people who are thinking about having kids. But don’t assume you love your dog like you’ll love your children.

Parenting is a gear-heavy sport. Some of that gear is less-than-glamorous.

This dog clearly remembers the days when he was the baby.

I want to be your beast of burden….

It seems to be a theme. It is admirable, though, that his mom is trying to hold onto part of her old life.

The jewelry isn’t as fancy, but it does get more plentiful.

Cradling the Jagermeister. That’s cute.

This poor dad has a long row to how. This may well be his first Halloween as a dad. The “firsts” are always the hardest. Good thing he’s got a helmet.

This one is pretty self explanatory.

Another poor pooch wondering when its owners will realize the mistake they’ve made.

So many bows. Way too many bows.