Parents May Face Charges After Setting Up ‘Sting’ and Hogtying Man Who Tried to Have Sex with Their 13-Yr-Old

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After discovering that a 28-year-old man had been sending sexually explicit messages to their 13-year-old daughter, one couple decided to conduct a home-brewed sting operation and live-streamed the event. When they invited the man, whom they described as a “predator,” into their home, the parents hogtied him. Now, they may face criminal charges.

The Canadian couple live-streamed the event at it unfolded on Thursday on Facebook Live.

On the video, a woman can be heard berating the unnamed man as he struggles on the floor.

“He wanted to be her first,” a person filming the incident can be heard saying. “We f***ing tacked him and zap strapped him and called the police.”

The police arrived a short time later, and the woman in the video stated, “I’m arrested because we caught a predator the police refused to catch.”

The girl’s mother, who has also not been publicly identified in an attempt to protect the identity of her daughter, said, according to a report by Fox News, that she had contacted local law enforcement over a month before the home-brewed sting, but received no meaningful response.

“They wouldn’t even look at my phone,” said the mother. “They just said to block him and forget it.

“I’ve been waiting for six weeks for the police to give me a name behind the Instagram account.”

The account of the events has been disputed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

“The police directed [the mother] not to take matters into her own hands, that we were investigating it,” said Cpl. Amelia Hayden, a representative for the law enforcement agency. “She was directed not to make the meet happen.”

The parents were taken into custody for their actions and are reportedly facing potential charges of unlawful restraint and assault.

“Shouldn’t a guy be able to protect his own family in his house?” asked the father. “This is ridiculous, and I felt that was the best way to do it.”

The mother added, “If I get charged, I still feel it was the right thing.”