Parents Lash Out on Twitter After Fortnite Goes Down and Their Children are Freaking Out [VIDEO]

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When Fortnite was released back in 2017, it took the gaming world by storm. This was a battle royale game with a unique twist — the ability to build structures. Droves of people played it, but after 10 seasons the player base has dwindled to mostly young children, especially since the game is free to play.

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All mayhem erupted after Fornite’s tenth season concluded with a black hole swallowing the map. Over 5.5 million players watched the event unfold live, the Daily Mail reported. Even if you try to log in and play now, there is nothing. Making it more ominous is the fact that Epic Games, the company that developed the game, deleted everything off their Twitter account.

Impressionable young children were losing their collective minds after realizing they were unable to play Fortnite. So much so, that parents took to social media demanding answers as to why their children were having “meltdowns.”

A concerned mother, who was not adept in the gaming universe, was bewildered as to why her son was crying uncontrollably.

“Hey Fortnite people. Someone PLEASE explain? My son cried himself to sleep last night and I could just hold him. He started again this morning when he still couldn’t get in. I woke him up extra early for this, so thanks a bunch. I hope you are having a great time.#fortnite”

Another mother tweeted: “My son is walking around like his dog has died because Fortnite is canceled.”

One parent, who is raising a special needs child, honestly was blindsided by the game being temporarily removed. “@Fortnite More warning would have been nice as my additional needs child has gone into full meltdown and has no clue what’s going on and I can’t help him. Are you coming back online or not so I can help my son.”

While parents were scrambling to figure out what happened, others felt these parents were only concerned about it because they now had to spend time with their child.

One commenter wrote: “Parents when they realize they have to interact with their children for once instead of letting them play Fortnite all day.”

Whether you hate it or love it, the game is getting free PR from thousands of people talking about the game — or lack thereof. Below is video of the event that caused thousands of kids to cry themselves to sleep.