Pack of Weiner Dogs Mauls American Woman

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As Rudyard Kipling wrote in The Jungle Book, “For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” The strength of this pack, a pack of very small wolves, took down an unsuspecting victim. Dachshunds, seven of them, used their combined strength to kill 52-year-old mother-of-two Tracy Garcia.


While the story has struck many as a farce, it has a very real and tragic end. Garcia was killed by dogs that belonged to her neighbor in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Police, answering the 911 call, were forced to use deadly force on one of the dogs, which then attacked them.

The others were trapped, successfully, but later put down. Headlines are identifying the dogs as Dachshunds, though “six of the dogs are believed to have been mixed with a terrier,” Daily Mail writes.

“Amanda Dinwiddie, a euthanasia technician at Ardmore Animal Shelter, said the ‘predominant breed’ in the dogs was ‘standard dachshund’.”

“They have really noticeable characteristics like their knobby legs, knees, very short-legged dogs and their coats.”

How the dogs managed to overpower Garcia remains a mystery. None weighed more than 40 pounds, and none were taller than her knees.

Dinwiddie added that the animals appeared somewhat feral, and were covered with fleas and ticks. “We were cleaning ticks off ourselves all day,” she said. “They are very covered, you can tell they have been living out in the woods.”

The animals haven’t been tested for rabies. “There’s just no reason to go spend the thousands and thousands of dollars,” on testing Dinwiddie said.

Garcia was still alive when police arrived a 10:00 pm Thursday, but she died in the hospital. The matter now rests with the District Attorney’s office, Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant noted. It is possible that the dogs’ owner will face charges.

“This is a bad situation, a very unfortunate situation,” Sheriff Bryant said.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victim. This is just a bad deal all the way around.”