Owner Leaves Heartbreaking Note About ‘Amazing Dog’ They Abandoned in a Park

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On Friday, a person abandoned an “amazing” young pit bull in a park. The dog is nearly three years old and was tied to a tree. There was no ID tag on the pup’s black collar, and she wasn’t microchipped. The only thing that was found with the dog was a note that was left by her now-former owner.

The pit bull was abandoned in Cranbury Park in Connecticut, according to a report by Fox News. Animal control officials stated that the dog was tied to a tree and left by her owner.

Along with the dog was a note. The Norwalk Animal Shelter posted about the pup on its Facebook page, sharing the letter with the world.

“To whomever love dogs,” the note began. “She’s an amazing dog. House trained. Brendal and Bully.”

“August 12 she’ll be 3yrs.”

“Human friendly. Dog friendly,” the note continued. “All shots. And a sweetheart.”

“[Her] name is Annabell,” said the letter. “Couldn’t afford to keep her.”

“Please help.”

Most Facebook users were heartbroken after reading the message.

“I wish the owner would go back and pick this pup up,” wrote one commenter. “I would donate so they could both be happy.”

“The is heartbreaking all around,” said another. “I hope that sweet girl finds her furever home!”

At least one user did seem interested in possibly adopting Annabell.

One Facebook user did express their anger over the fact that the dog was left tied up in the park.

“That Pisses me off. Especially that she was left tied to a tree as if that shows love,” they wrote.

In Connecticut, it is illegal to abandon animals. However, it isn’t clear whether there is an effort to identify the owner who left Annabell in the park.