Own Limited Edition Star Wars Props Built by Studio that Makes Props for The Force Awakens: But Bring Your Wallet!

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Disney and Lucasfilm has launched the ultimate collection for fans of Star Wars collectibles: The Ultimate Studio Edition. This is the real-deal, from the design studio that actually produces the movie props.

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The Propshop in Pinewood Studios is part of the team responsible for the actual props used in The Force Awakes. They’ve used digital data collected during the filming of the bring these props a stunning level of authenticity. These replicas, like some of the actual props, are 3-D printed, and then hand finished–a process you can see in detail in the video below.

First up in the collection will be Darth Vader’s melted helmet, Kylo Ren’s lightsaber and a blood smeared Stormtrooper helmet like the one worn by Finn. As if the detail alone wasn’t enough to make you want one, you can also bank on these becoming collector’s items. They’re set to be made in very limited numbers.

But bring your wallet. They’re expensive.

proshop props 4

Darth Vader’s melted helmet, for instance, goes for $3,500.

proshop props 9

Finn’s First Order Storm Trooper helmet goes for $1,750. No word yet on who’s blood they’re smearing on it.

proshop props 6

Kylo’s helmet, great for covering larger noses, will sell for $2,000.

proshop props 1

Poe Dameron’s helmet will be $1,500.

proshop props 7

My favorite Wookie’s Bowcaster is $2,500. Anyone looking for any stocking-stuffer ideas for me might take note. This is easily my favorite.

proshop props 8

Rey’s (Luke’s) lightsaber, $1,250.

proshop props 2

Kylo’s lightsaber will be $1,250.

proshop props 5

Rey’s staff is also $1,250.

These are still props, though. Many of the Star Wars fanatics that go in for cosplay won’t find these good enough for their standards. The real props sometimes aren’t. That because they don’t have to be to look good on film. Still, these are looking amazing. And they’ll come in wooden crates, and have nice display stands.

“Designed, made and finished by the hands of specialist motion picture prop makers and artists, we’ve worked extremely hard to create something that we know would make fans and filmmakers proud,” wrote James Enright, CEO of Propshop.

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