Outrage as Facebook Live Video Shows 9-Year-Old Boy Getting Tattoo as Mom Watches On [VIDEO]

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A video posted to Facebook showing a young boy getting a tattoo on his shoulder has sparked outrage. In the clip, the boy, who is thought to be 9 years old, is seen sitting on a woman’s lap inside of what appears to be a private residence and is getting a tattoo from a 16-year-old boy.

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The footage was captured inside of a home in Ohio and was posted to Facebook.

While the tattoo artists works on the boy, the child discusses playing games with his friends and, at several points in the video, asks if the tattoo is done.

“Look at me, you’re fine,” says the woman in the video. “You’re almost done.”

At one point, the boy seems to tell the tattoo artist to stop. However, the woman interjects, saying, “Hey! Look at me. He’s not done.”

A photo that was also shared online shows the boy with his tattoo, an “S” on his shoulder.

The video was shared on Facebook by Storm Harrington, who reprimanded the boy’s mother for allowing him to get a permanent tattoo.

“[The boy] is not old enough to know what he wants or to make this kind of decision,” said Harrington in the post, and then proceeds to call the boy’s mother “a worthless parent for this.”

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Bellefontaine police stated that they are aware of the video, and also confirmed that the tattoo was, in fact, real and permanent. They added that the mother did approve of the boy getting the tattoo.

“The child had actually said he asked for the tattoo,” said Lt. Rick Herring.

Law enforcement is still investigating the incident, and it is not clear what crimes may have occurred or if any charges will be brought.

The woman holding the boy was identified as Justice Oyeris, who is not the boy’s mother. According to Oyeris’ mother, the boy’s mother, who seems to have been identified as Nikki Dickinson, is the person who filmed the video.

Commenters on Facebook were quick to make their feelings known, with the majority expressing outrage and asking that the boy’s parents be arrested.

Winona Cavins, who identifies the boy as her grandson in a comment, wrote: “Omg she needs to go to jail for doing this to my grandson no he don’t know any better but they sure do what they gonna do start giving them drugs next.”