One Pack of McDonalds Szechuan Sauce for a Car? Yup, it Happened

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While the idea of trading or bartering for the things you need isn’t new, a recent arrangement allowed a woman to trade a coveted packet of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce for a 2004 Volkswagen GTI. The sauce was originally introduced in 1998, but it quickly fell into obscurity. Then, in 2017, it was mentioned on Ricky and Morty, and interest surged.

As reported by The Drive, the Szechuan sauce was released in conjunction with the launch of the Disney Film Mulan, but it didn’t stay around for long.

However, interest in the sauce grew after the popular cartoon Rick and Morty mentioned the flavor during the season 3 premiere. In that episode, title character Rick goes on a rant near the end of the show that asserts the plot is actually based on his need for Szechuan sauce.

Fans of the show were an obvious market, and McDonald’s chose to re-release the flavor at certain locations for just a single day. But, with such a short run, not everyone who wanted to get their hands on some Szechuan sauce was able to, even after driving to multiple restaurants.

Some who were able to acquire some Szechuan sauce decided to capitalize on their luck by listing the packet on eBay. Some of the sales are reaching upwards of $100 while large lots have crossed $21,000.

Rachel Marie, a resident of Macomb, Michigan, was able to turn her packet of Szechuan sauce for more than just a little pocket money. She went online hoping to trade for a collection of pins but ended up receiving an offer of a 2004 Volkswagen GTI, which she accepted.

During an interview, Rachel said, “I didn’t even think I was going to get pin offers,” continuing, “Then he offered the car.”

She shared information about her unexpected trade through the Pin Nation discussion group, and the tale ended up on Facebook. Rachel is now enjoying her newly acquired vehicle.

What Duane Kimmel, the original owner of the car, did with the packet of Szechuan sauce after the trade was complete is unknown, though Rachel did post a message saying, “I hope you get lost in the sauce!”