A Huge Number of Millennials Are Still Virgins in Their Mid-Late Twenties

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New research suggests that Millennials are waiting even longer to have sex. The Next Steps project tracked 16,000 individuals who were born between 1989-1990 since the age of 14. During an interview with the study participants in 2016, it was discovered that the number of people waiting longer to have sex, when compared to previous generations, was climbing.

The Next Steps project, originally managed by England’s Department of Education but later handed over to the University College London, also found that one in eight participants were still virgins at age 26. Analysts believe that a “fear of intimacy” may be partially responsible.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapist Susanna Abse stated, according to a report by the Telegraph, “Millennials have been brought up in a culture of hypersexuality which has bred a fear of intimacy.”

“The women are always up for it with beautiful hard bodies and the men have permanent erections. This is daunting to young people.”

“The fear for young men is of being humiliated that they can’t live up to that,” she continued. “Plus, the fear of exposure in your Facebook group.”

Not everyone who participated in the survey chose to answer every question. If those who did not discuss their sexual history were all virgins, the figure increased to one in six, according to Steve McMay, a Lincoln University social research professor.

The research also showed that, of those who had lost their virginity, over 90 percent had done so before the age of 19.

The Next Step project began in 2004 and planned to monitor teens across the various school systems in England and was initially in the hands of the country’s Department of Education. In 2013, the study was given to the University College London’s Institute of Education.