Oklahoma Man Shoots Down Construction Company’s Legal Drone [VIDEO]

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An Oklahoma resident had to pay for repairs to a drone he shot out of the air and may end up facing criminal charges. [Scroll Down For Video]

According to local media reports, a neighbor shot down a drone that was being used by a construction company to survey the homeowner’s house over concerns that it was “spying”.

The drone’s operator was registered with the FAA per the latest set of regulations for flying unmanned aircraft.

According a CNet article, the owner of the drone and the shooter worked out a settlement to repair and/or replace the drone (drones used commercially can cost thousands of dollars). Sheriff’s deputies are investigating, but are currently leaning towards not pressing charges. The FAA may conduct their own investigation that could result in federal criminal charges.

Firing on any aircraft, including an unmanned one, even over private property, can result in a federal charge that carries a 20 year prison sentence. Local and state laws for discharging of firearms could also come into play.