Ohio Man Calls 911 and Asks for a Police Dog to Help Find His Missing Heroin [VIDEO]

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A repeat offender in Bath Township, Ohio, will have a nice long break to think about his life choices.  Joseph Murphy lost some heroin. This must have seemed like an emergency to the 20-year-old, who called 911 and asked for a police dog and some cops to come help him find it.

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The call, made back in January, has just been released to the media. The local news station talked with Police Chief Mike McNeely. The Chief, said it was one of the most unusual calls he’d heard in his 41 years career.

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“Dispatchers take all type of calls. This is one of the most bizarre that I’ve heard,” McNeely said.

When Murphy dialed 911, he asked police dog.

“You need a police dog?” the operator asked. “What’s going on there?”

“She stole heroin from me,” he said.

Police have also released body cam footage of Murphy trying to explain that a woman stole money from him. That wasn’t as interesting to them as the heroin he’d mentioned in his call, though.

“What’s this about the heroin because we were told she took your heroin?” one officer asked.

“I believe she (inaudible), she won’t admit to me,” he responds.

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Then Murphy pulls what one officer described as a “brown waxy substance” out of his pants. It may have been the heroin he’d misplaced.

Felony drug possession charges may be filed once testing from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is complete. Without the evidence to hold him, Murphy was arrested, but released.

He could have stayed out of the spotlight, but he hasn’t. He was arrested again on when he crashed a Mercedes he was driving. Police responding to the crash registered Murphy’s blood alcohol level at .121.

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The original report from News 5 included more about Murphy’s character. He is alleged to have urinated on a Florida State Trooper during an arrest that occurred at Disney World.

McNeely also said Murphy made national headlines on New Year’s Day, accused of urinating on a Florida trooper’s leg during a disorderly conduct arrest on a Disney property. Murphy, after being handcuffed, reportedly tried to choke himself in the back seat of the squad car. After several episodes of violent head banging, and yelling obscenities about police brutality and Donald Trump, he relieved himself on the leg of a State Trooper.