This Cop Was Fired For Feeding Homeless Man Feces Sandwich. Now He’s Back on the Job. [VIDEO]

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In 2016, Matthew Luckhurst was fired by the police department he worked for after it was discovered that he had put dog feces in a sandwich that he then gave to a homeless person. The incident was seen and reported by other officers who were on the scene. It now seems, however, that a technicality will allow him to keep his job.

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Luckhurst, who worked for the San Antonio Police Department, was seen by other officers grabbing bread and spreading dog feces on it, then placing it in a Styrofoam takeout box and leaving by a homeless person.

The officers present reported Luckhurst, and he was subsequently fired after an investigation. Luckhurst hired a lawyer and appealed the decision, and it looks like he may get his job back. Apparently, his discipline from the department was not within the 180 day period mandated, therefore his disciplinary action is null and void.

The arbitrator who oversaw the ruling claimed the punishment was well within the department’s power, but since he was punished outside of the 180 day period, it was invalid.

At the time of the incident, one officer saw what Luckhurst had done and told him to throw the feces-filled sandwich away.  According to the Daily Mail, the officer then left and never saw if Luckhurst actually threw the sandwich away or not.

Originally, the incident was thought to have taken place in May of 2016, but medical records indicated that Luckhurst was on desk work from April to June after he suffered an arm injury outside of work.

Since he couldn’t have been on bike duty during that time, the time table the department submitted wasn’t correct. This mistake allowed Luckhurst to return to work, KSAT reported.

To no one’s surprise, the news of Luckhurst return to the department has rubbed people the wrong way on social media. One person on Twitter wrote: “San Antonio cop Matthew Luckhurst is a #sick #f***!!! Should of been punished horrible person and should of been fired but that’s SAPD for you no morals and no justice.”

Another user echoed similar sentiments: “Sick sick sick!!! He’s sworn to protect everyone! What a piece of garbage!! Why does he still have a badge? Disgraceful man.”

Luckhurst may not be out of the woods yet, though, as he is still waiting for results on another suspension, which happens to be feces-related as well. He was accused of spreading feces on the woman’s toilet seat, which he allegedly bragged about to fellow male officers.