Off-Duty NYPD Officer Caught on Camera Freaking Out Over Godiva Store Closing

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Video has emerged showing an off-duty police officer going on a tirade when a Godiva store employee informed her that the store was preparing to close. The cop is seen yelling at the store workers, including screaming obscenities. She later fought with police who responded to the disturbance, ultimately being arrested for her actions.

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As reported by Fox News, the incident took place on a Sunday at approximately 6:00 pm local time in Stamford, Connecticut. Off-duty NYPD police officer Amanda Villafane entered the store with her mother and Christopher Salvadore, and was quickly informed that the location was preparing to close.

“They were told the store was closing,” said Stamford Police Sgt. Brian Butler. “They were not happy with that answer.”

Villafane removed her jacket and began screaming at the Godiva store employees, at one point threatening a clerk, shouting, “I will knock you the f**k out!” She pursued one of the employees, trying to get her to come out from behind the counter.

Salvadore, 32, initially appears to be attempting to restrain Villafane, though is alleged to have punched an 18-year-old who was using his phone to film the incident. The man holding the phone can be heard saying, “Please don’t touch my phone” repeatedly during the encounter.

Villafane is also seen approaching the man with the camera, telling him, “You need to mind your f**king business” as he states, “Ma’am, please don’t attack me.”

Repeated request that someone “call the cops” can also be heard throughout the video.

At one point, Villafane reportedly flashed her NYPD credentials and even fought with a police officer who responded to the incident.

“When they went to arrest her, she didn’t want to cooperate, so they had to take her to the ground and cuff her,” said Butler.

After the altercation, Butler stated the floor of the store was covered in “blood and chocolate.”

Villafane was charged with disorderly conduct, interfering with police, and criminal trespassing, while Salvador was charged with disorderly conduct and assault.

According to the NYPD, Villafane was suspended without pay for what was referred to as “the good of the department.”