Obama Administration Tells Medal of Honor Recipient He Cannot Attend Marine Corps Ball

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The Obama Administration has told a Medal of Honor recipient that he cannot attend the Marine Corps birthday ball, despite an invitation from Marines on the ground in Afghanistan to join them for the celebration.

Dakota Cover

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer said he was invited by the Marines in Kabul, Afghanistan to join to celebrate the 241st birthday of the Corps on November 10th. Due to security issues inside Afghanistan, the ball was to be held inside the embassy itself.


The Marine Corps birthday celebrates the creation of the Continental Marines at Tun Tavern at Philadelphia by order of the Second Continental Congress in 1775. The tradition of a commemorative ball  and has been a tradition for more than 90 years. It is the biggest event of the year for Marines.


As arrangements were being finalized, however, the Medal of Honor recipient was told that he would not be able to come. Why? Because Meyer has been an outspoken critic of the Obama administration.

Ambassador P. Michael McKinley ordered his chief of mission to “look into” the Medal of Honor recipient and, based on the report he was given about Meyer’s political views, decided he would not allow Meyer to attend the ball inside the embassy.


Meyer told us in a phone internview that “I was told he doesn’t like my position and comments on the administration, but those views are my right. Blocking access to the American embassy is his right as the ambassador.”

“It’s disheartening that he’s using the Marine Corps Ball as a chance be petty and political. This should be beyond politics and a time for him to support the men and women who defend he and his staff at the embassy.”


The Medal of Honor recipient said he wasn’t going to let the ambassador’s decision keep him from seeing those Marines who invited him to the ball.

“It’s okay though, I’ll make sure to meet up with those Marines when they come home and we’ll have a belated celebration of our own.”