NYT Writer Tried to Call Out SEAL/Congressman Dan Crenshaw on 9/11 Support. Crenshaw Let Him Have It.

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Rep. Dan Crenshaw has never been one to shy away from giving his honest opinion on matters. The former Navy SEAL, who lost an eye fighting terrorism after 9/11, was attacked by a New York Times reporter on Twitter. The reporter inaccurately claimed that Crenshaw did not support the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund.

On Tuesday, Comedian Jon Stewart spoke on Capitol Hill where he criticized various lawmakers from both sides of the aisle for not even bothering to show up, Fox News reported.

Wajahat Ali, a New York Times contributor, wrote an op-ed piece where he praised Democrats like Rep. Ilhan Omar for supporting the 9/11 fund. He quickly set his sights on the other side of the aisle by attacking Crenshaw for supposedly not supporting the fund, which was inaccurate.

In a since-deleted tweet, Ali wrote: “Anytime a Republican says they are ‘patriots’ ask them if they voted to fund the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. You know who’s for it? Ilhan Omar. You know who hasn’t sponsored it? Dan Crenshaw. @DanCrenshawTX, I hope you do the right thing. If not, why aren’t you?”

Since Ali went out of his way to tag, Crenshaw was quick to respond, especially because the fund is near and dear to his heart. Crenshaw obliterated Ali tweeting back: “Hey ‘journalist,’ maybe you should check your facts. I am a co-sponsor. Nice try though.”

To make matters worse for Ali, Crenshaw posted a picture with his response that detailed how “patriotic” he was as he had given his eye to protect America after a bomb blew up near his face.

Ali has since publicly apologized to Crenshaw by stating: “I deleted [the tweet because] Dan Crenshaw supported the Fund in May after being a holdout. Apologies to him for the tweet,” Ali wrote. “I have no problem admitting it & correcting the record with facts.”

Ali’s Twitter has since been flooded with Crenshaw’s supporters who want journalists such as Ali to do their jobs – research and post only factually correct information.