NYPD Officers Being Doused in Water, Having Buckets Thrown at Them While Patrolling. Neighbors Laugh. [VIDEO]

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A disrespectful act captured on video soon went viral showing New York Police Department officers being doused in water by individuals while they tried to make an arrest. The videos have sparked outrage as officers are pelted water and then with empty buckets. The NYPD called the act “reprehensible.”

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Over the weekend, multiple videos of NYPD officers being doused in water and then pelted with the empty buckets has gone viral. NYPD Chief Terrence Monahan took to Twitter to express his dismay with those attacking these officers.

“The videos of cops being doused with water and having objects hurled at them as they made an arrest in #Harlem is reprehensible,” Monahan wrote. “NYC’s cops & communities have made remarkable progress — together — but EVERY New Yorker MUST show respect for our cops. They deserve nothing less.”

One video, which took place in Harlem, showed people nearby cheering as the officers were doused while trying to make an arrest, CBS News reported. The attackers were not even involved in the situation.

The officers who were the recipients of these cowardly attacks stayed remarkably calm and tried their best to ignore the agitators. In a separate tweet late Sunday afternoon, Monahan tried to offer words of encouragement to all NYPD officers.

“To NY’s Finest: the work you do every day is remarkable. We trust you to do what is a very difficult job,” he wrote before adding: “Thank you for what you do day in and day out. Please stay safe.”

According to Fox News, NYPD officers have been asked to show restraint if they find themselves in similar situations.

A separate video, which took place in Brooklyn, showed two uniformed officers walking away after being drenched in water. Another individual can then be seen coming up behind them again and hitting them again with more water before running off.

The Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, issued a warning to those who conduct themselves in a less-than-desirable manner.

“Throwing things at NYPD officers is not only not acceptable, it can lead to charges. All of those actions can lead to charges,” he said.