Not One of These Football Players Took a Knee for the National Anthem

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Criticism of the American flag and our National Anthem is not new. Yet the protests in the NFL last season have grown in number and taken on new significance. Other athletes in the MLB and NBA have weighed in, and even the WNBA is now part of the protests. Yet there’s one league that has officially decided to ban the protests. The Legends Football League.

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The LFL does things differently. The barely-there team uniforms are part of the appeal for some viewers. And it is that audience that the league seems to have in mind with their decision to prevent players from protesting during their on-field time.

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The LFL had conversations behind closed doors and reached the conclusion that protest would be bad for business. They then issued a unified statement expressing their commitment to freedoms the flag represents, and their desire to keep politics off the field.

“The LFL has and always will be in full recognition of our athlete’s First Amendment right to protest. However from the league’s standpoint, our national anthem and flag are too sacred to the fabric of our country, not to celebrate,” the statement read.

The LFL’s position may prevent them from falling under President Trump’s blanket condemnation of the NFL’s permissiveness with flag and Anthem protests.

Last season, LFL player Sherri Awagah did protest. This year, though, this will not be allowed.