‘Not here. Not now. Not ever.’ Florida Man Caught Punching Dog on Ring Camera is Arrested.

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On Sunday, a surveillance video that was captured by a Ring security camera made its way online. The footage shows a man tackling a dog to the ground. He then punches the pup three times. After learning about the video, local law enforcement began searching for the man, later identified as 28-year-old Joshua Schlotmann.

According to a report by NBC 2, video of the incident – which took place in Lehigh Acres, Florida – was posted on the Ring Neighbors app, showing a man punching a dog.

Law enforcement was able to identify the man in the video as the dog’s owner and arrested him at approximately 2:00 pm local time on Sunday. He is facing charges of aggravated animal cruelty.

The dog, Thanos, was picked up by Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office posted about the arrest on Facebook.

“The abuse was captured by way of Ring video,” said the sheriff’s office in the post. “The male in the video appeared to pin the dog to the ground and deliver three closed-fisted blows to the canine.”

After being interviewed by deputies, “Schlotmann was detained and interviewed by East District detectives.”

“Upon conclusion of that interview, Joshua Ray Schlotmann (DOB 10-30-1990) was arrested and charged with aggravated animal cruelty F.S.S 828.12(2), Inflict Pain/Torture/Serious Injury/Death to an Animal,” said the post.

“Not here. Not now. Not ever,” stated Sheriff Carmine Marceno, according to the Facebook post. “I’ll keep throwing these abusers into jail until they get the message that I won’t stand for it!”

During his first court appearance on Monday, Schlotmann was ordered not to have any animals while the case is moving forward. He is being released on pretrial supervision and must complete a check-in call once a week.