North Korean Soldier Runs Across DMZ and is Shot Multiple Times While Defecting to S. Korea [VIDEO]

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A North Korea soldier had apparently had enough of Kim Jung-Un’s tyrannical rule as he rather dramatically defected to South Korea Monday evening. Reports from South Korea’s government indicate a high-ranking North Korea soldier fled across the heavily guarded Demilitarized Zone. South Korean officials claim the man was shot twice and was taken to the hospital.

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The unnamed and unarmed soldier allegedly fled from his guard post on the northern side of the DMZ towards the southern side. The soldier, who was wearing a uniform of a law ranking official, was shot in the elbow and shoulder, according to Business Insider.

There is currently no information as to why the man may have fled to South Korea suddenly. Once the soldier crossed to the southern side of the DMZ, the gunfire stopped.

Fox News reported South Korean officials are prepared for any possible retaliation from North Korea soldiers.

The DMZ, which is a heavily guarded location filled with land mines and barb wire, is a dangerous path for any North Korean to take who wants to defect.

This soldier could have very well been killed by either side. South Korea may have viewed him as a threat, and, as was witnessed, North Korean soldiers have been ordered to shoot any defectors.

According to CBS News, an estimated 30,000 North Koreans have defected from North Korea since the Korean War, but most people fleeing the tyrannical country flee through China.

The North Korea soldier’s actions would be a slap in the face to Jung-Un as he reportedly hand picks each soldier that stands guard near the DMZ. Tensions between North and South Korea have begun to reach a boiling point as North Korea has regularly tested nuclear weapon near South Korea.

President Trump, who recently made a trip to Asia, has been at odds with Jung-Un since he became president. Trump and Jung-Un regularly exchange public barbs in their dangerous game of one-upmanship.