North Korea Will Test Nuclear Hydrogen Bomb in Pacific Ocean After Threats From Trump at UN

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The rhetorical sparring between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un has become somewhat absurd. After the President appeared at the United Nations and threatened more sanctions, Jong-un is now threatening to test a hydrogen bomb above the Pacific Ocean.

The President’s UN speech wasn’t well received by North Koreans. Trump blasted the United Nations’ inability to make a meaningful difference with their lackadaisical sanctions. He called for more stringent measures, and threatened unilateral action if the UN was incapable of action.

China, almost immediately, issued notice to banks and ordered them to cease trading with the North Koreans. As China is the largest trading partner, this move should produce serious issues for North Korea.

Yet North Korea’s has now issued another threat. They are reportedly planning to test a hydrogen bomb to show, as Kim Jong-un puts it, the “highest-level of hard-line countermeasure in history.”

Kim Jong-un listened to Trump’s vow to destroy his country and had this to say: “His remarks… have convinced me, rather than frightening or stopping me, that the path I chose is correct and that it is the one I have to follow to the last.”

In addition, he labeled President Trump as “mentally deranged.” The US President’s words were, Jong-un wrote in a highly unusual direct statement, “the most ferocious declaration of war in history.”

“I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged US dotard with fire. He has made unprecedented rude nonsense one has never heard from any of his predecessors. A frightened dog barks louder.”

So what happens next? “I’d like to advise Trump to exercise prudence in selecting words and to be considerate of whom he speaks to when making a speech in front of the world,” the North Korean leader wrote.

“After taking office, Trump has rendered the world restless through threats and blackmail against all countries in the world. He is unfit to hold the prerogative of supreme command of a country, and he is surely a rogue and a gangster fond of playing with fire, rather than a politician.”

As for the intention to detonate the hydrogen bomb over the Pacific, Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said it “could be the most powerful detonation of an H-bomb in the Pacific.

The Daily Mail notes such a test would be “considered a major provocation by Washington and its allies.”