North Korea Outlaws Drinking and Singing

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It’s already hard to live in North Korea as dictator Kim Jung-Un is hellbent on world domination, beginning with absolute control over what North Korean citizens. People there must be especially careful of everything they say and do as it takes very little to anger the dictator. Now Jung-Un has a new rule of no drinking or singing. Really.

Apparently, in another attempt to control everything, Jung-Un has made it illegal to drink alcohol or sing during social events.

South Korean’s National Intelligence Service issued the following statement in wake of the news: “(Pyongyang) … has banned any gatherings related to drinking, singing and other entertainment and is strengthening control of outside information,” they wrote.

This decision comes on top of the aforementioned living conditions citizens already endure. According to the Daily Mail, the move stems from the sanctions the country has been facing from the United Nations after refusing to end their nuclear testing.

North Koreans continue to live in a repressive state and traveling from North Korea has been strictly forbidden. The internet is monitored so citizens can only visit certain sites that agree with Jung-Un’s ideology.

Because of the new rule barring alcohol, 2017 Pyongyang Beer Festival has been canceled, according to Newsweek. North Korean officials claimed it due to drought, but it’s evident the event would be counterproductive to the new law.

The Daily Caller reported that two high ranking North Korea officials were punished after an inspection was conducted of the military’s General Political Bureau.

South Korea intelligence is still trying to piece together everything that transpired, but early reports indicate that two officials had an “impure attitude toward the party leadership.”

Speculations have continued to grow as to why a North Korea soldier fled the DMZ to South Korea. One could hypothesize that the lack of beer and signing threw him over the edge.