Nobody Showed Up to this 6-Year-Old’s Birthday Party. So This Basketball Team Stepped Up & Made it Awesome.

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A story from this past weekend tugged at the heartstrings of readers across America. A sad looking six-year-old, Teddy Bollinger, had a birthday party at a pizza place. He had invited his classmates, 30 of them, but not a single one showed for the party. The image of Teddy sitting alone at his table went viral.

The story doesn’t end there, though. As the image made the rounds, it was seen by someone with the Phoenix Suns.

The franchise had a reasonable solution. They invited Teddy to their game against the Lakers, Wednesday, and offered him the VIP treatment.

“Not only did Teddy get to go to the game … the dude got HOOKED UP — from his own custom jersey, to meeting stars Josh Jackson and Trevor Ariza, to courtside seats to watch LeBron James play,” TMZ writes.

While Teddy may not be old enough to understand the nuances of the game yet, he clearly understands the festive atmosphere.

“Thank you for doing an amazing thing for a heartbreaking “moment”! I hope that Teddy can walk away from the game with TONS of autographs… Looking at you, @KingJames”

“Even better would be the reaction of the parents of the kids who didnt show up if Labron James gave him a signed Lakers ball and let Teddy have a phoro with him.”

Not all of the comments celebrated the gesture.

“plus Suns tickets I mean hasn’t this kid been through enough already?”

“From one Teddy to another Teddy about to celebrate a birthday…Happy Birthday little dude! Well done Suns!”

“You guys are a class act all the way. Being a father of three this would break my heart if this happened to any one of my kids. You just became my second favourite team. Sorry I am Canadian @Raptors but man you guys are awesome!!!”

One thing is certain. Teddy’s parents are going to have a hard time topping this party. The bar has been set very high.