No Pajamas, No Hair Rollers, No Sagging Pants: High School Institutes Dress Code for Parents

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K-12 students are commonly required to follow a dress code set by the school. Now, one high school has gone a step further, creating a set of rules for all parents who are entering the campus. Various forms of attire are strictly prohibited, and parents who fail to comply will not be allowed to enter the school.

The dress code for parents is being enforced at James Madison High School in Houston, Texas, according to a report by KHOU 11. Parents were notified via a letter from Principal Carlotta Outley Brown that was posted on the school’s website in early April.

The letter outlines the rules that were put in place. Pajamas, hair rollers, satin caps, shower caps, sagging pants, revealing clothing, and several either forms of attire are included in the ban.

“To prepare our children and let them know daily, the appropriate attire they are supposed to wear when entering a building, going somewhere, applying for a job, or visiting someone outside of the home setting, I am going to enforce these guidelines on a daily basis at Madison High School,” said Outley Brown in the letter.

“We are preparing our children for the future and it begins here.”

Outley Brown outlined the new rules parents were expected to follow. Then, she discussed the consequences of failing to comply.

“Please know that if you break out school rules/policies or do not follow one of these rules, you will not be permitted inside the school until you return appropriately dressed for the school setting,” she wrote.

Outley Brown went on to say that the school does “value [parents] as a partner in your child’s education.”

“However,” she continued, “please know we have to have standards, most of all we must have high standards.”

“We are preparing your child for a prosperous future,” Outley Brown added. “We want them to know what is appropriate and what is not appropriate for any setting they may be in.”

Reactions to the parent dress code are decidedly mixed, with some calling the guidelines “long overdue” while others believe they are “crazy.”

Houston ISD has declined to comment on the dress code.