“No one points a gun at me & gets away with it”. Customer Takes Down Pair of Armed Robbers. [VIDEO]

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“No one points a gun at me & gets away with it.” This is what witnesses recalled a customer at a 7-Eleven saying after he shot two would-be armed robbers. The man, who was legally carrying his firearm, is being touted as a hero after his quick thinking ended a potentially deadly situation.

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The shootout took place at a Virginia 7-Eleven around 2 am, which left one would-be robber dead and the other left in life-threatening condition, authorities announced. The injured man was taken to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

According to two witnesses inside the store, two men came into the store with hoodies and bandannas covering their faces with their handguns drawn, demanding everyone to freeze. As the suspects made their way behind the counter, one witness heard a gunshot ring out from the back of the store.

“The clerk raised his hands and said ‘Come on man, don’t do this’. And not sooner than he said that, I heard a gunshot and as soon as I heard the gunshot, I dropped down to the ground and put my hands over my head and started praying because I thought the guy shot the clerk,”‘ Barrie Engel told The Virginia Pilot.

In fact, a legally gun-touting customer had fired off the shots. Engel originally thought one of the suspects had started shooting, which she felt meant they were “probably going to shoot everybody.”

“I just started to pray and I feared for my life,” she recalled. “After that shot it was like three shots, bam, then bam bam. It could have been two, two or three.”

Engel soon realized the customer at the back of the store was the one firing off the shots as she recalled him saying: “No one points a gun at me & gets away with it.”

The first suspect died immediately, while the other was rolling on the floor in agonizing pain and asking for help, the Daily Mail reported. The cops soon arrived on scene and found another suspect up the road and brought him in on charges as well.

The trio is allegedly responsible for robbing another convenience store mere hours before. Officers confirmed the man who shot the would-be robbers was legally carrying and was within his rights to stand his ground. The names of the suspects have not been released.

Police did not release the name of the man being touted as a hero, but Engel wanted to thank him personally. “Thank God for that guy because who knows what could have happened,” she said. “I want to thank that guy personally. I want to buy him a steak dinner.”