Nikki Haley Just Stood Behind Israel in a Big Way in Her First Major Move as UN Ambassador

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In the final days of the Obama presidency, the administration failed to veto a resolution that sharply sanctioned Israel for their actions in the ongoing conflict with Palestinians.

The move was widely seen as a unilateral move to show a lack of support for the nation of Israel and left the incoming US United Nations Ambassador, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, to mend the relationship.

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According to a CNN report on the vote:

the Obama administration decided not to veto a UN Security Council resolution harshly criticizing Israel and calling its settlement activity illegal. The decision not to veto was cowardly, hypocritical, wrong, and yet, thankfully, ultimately ineffectual.

Well, yesterday, Haley took her first opportunity to stand with the US’s strongest middle eastern ally. She worked to block the appointment of former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad (note, the United States does not formally recognize a Palestinian state) to head up a United Nations Diplomatic mission in Libya.

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“For too long the U.N. has been unfairly biased in favor of the Palestinian Authority to the detriment of our allies in Israel,” Haley said.

“This is the beginning of a new era at the U.N., an era where the U.S. stands firmly behind Israel against any and all attempts to harm the Jewish State,” Israel’s U.N. Ambassador Danny Danon said of the U.S. decision to block Fayyad’s appointment. “The new administration proved once again that it stands firmly alongside the state of Israel in the international arena and in the U.N. in particular.”

Several diplomats and leaders within the United Nations were pushing hard for Fayyad. According to a Fox News:

“We believe that Mr. Fayyad has the relevant experience and would be an excellent (special representative of the security general) for the very important work relating to Libya,” also said Skoog, who was president of the U.N. Security Council for the month of January.

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Sweden’s center-left government recognized a state of Palestine in 2014.

U.N. diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity because discussions have been private, have said Fayyad is well respected for his work in reforming the Palestinian Authority and spurring its economy and had the support of the 14 other Security Council members to succeed Martin Kobler in the Libya job.

Haley and the Trump administration have voiced their support for a final and lasting peace between Israel and Palestinians. President Trump also reiterated that Israel’s current settlement policies may not be the best plans to advance peace.

“We encourage the two sides to come together directly on a solution,” Haley said following the vote in regards to the ongoing issues between Israel and Palestinians.

Haley also said, “going forward, the United States will act, not just talk, in support of our allies.”