Latest Wikileak Emails Could Prove Clinton Camp Deleted Emails in Coverup

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Clinton’s email woes continue to worsen. The latest batch of Wikileaks has provided some intense ammunition for those who want evidence of criminal activity from the Clinton camp.  Now the public has been given details that show an intent to deceive.

The March 2, 2015 exchange between John Podesta and Clinton aide Cheryl Mills appears to show Clinton’s closest advisors planning to erase emails–emails that had been subpoenaed by the FBI. In other words, this is evidence that they conspired to destroy evidence.

“On another matter,” Podesta wrote to Mills, “….and not to sound like Lanny, but we are going to have to dump all those emails.”


This email was sent at the same time that the New York Times broke the story, “Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules.” This was the first time the American public got wind of what is now euphemistically called the “Clinton email” issue.

Mills responded to Podesta: “Think you just got your new nick name.”

There are two men named Lanny associated with the Clinton camp. Lanny Breuer worked for the DOJ, and quit in 2013 after he expressed the sentiment that some banks are “too big to fail.” The other Lanny is Lanny Davis (below). Davis served as special counsel to President Bill Clinton.


Which emails does Podesta want dumped? It isn’t clear.  Yet there is some urgency. “…better to do so sooner than later,” he wrote.

And it seems the Clinton camp had a history of being upset with Lanny Davis. Consider this email exchange between Robby Mook and John Podesta from March 8, 2015. Mook writes, “We gotta zap Lanny out of our universe. Can’t believe he committed her to a private review of her hard drive on TV.”


So much for transparency. This is, at the end of all of the email discussion, what America is upset about. All communications by federal employees are subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Yet Clinton is purposefully thwarting this by hosting her own server and deleting her emails.