New High-Tech Water Gun Charged by USB Can Accurately Hit Targets 25 Feet Away

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Water guns have evolved somewhat slowly. The Super Soaker was a huge leap forward, but that brand was developed almost 30 years ago. Since then, there haven’t been many major advancements. A new company, Spyra, is hoping to change that. Their first gun, the Spyra One, is a high-tech water gun that changes the way the whole platform works.

Like many products, the Spyra One began with crowd funding. In a bit over a month, the German company picked up more than 8 times their initial goal.

“The Sprya One water pistol, which charges via USB-C and shoots 30ml water ‘bullets,’ received more than $532,000 in funding from more than 2,770 backers well before the campaign was set to end Tuesday afternoon,” Daily Mail writes.

Those early investors have a long wait. The early hype created a strong demand, but guns won’t ship until August 2019.

One of the unique features of the Spyra One is its ability to fire a blob of water. The company calls these water bullets. They even hold together well up to 25 feet.

The guns even have shot counters that will tell you when it is time to reload. Those are just a portion of the on-board electronics–something new for water guns.

“Technology-wise, shooting water bullets across long distances without letting the water break up is really, really tricky and requires a specifically designed nozzle-valve combination,” Spyra co-founder Rike Brand told reporters.

Refilling the Spyra One is unusual, too. You simply stick the muzzle into water. With a press of a button, the tank sucks up water. It takes 14 seconds.

The battery pack on the gun will allow for 45 refills. That amounts to 1125 shots. Those shots appear to be pretty accurate, too–another game changer for the industry.