New Behind The Scenes Footage From Force Awakens Shows Magic of Movie-Making

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George Lucas, at the helm of the film-making empire that created the Star Wars universe, has had a disproportionate impact on how special effects can be used as a story telling device. And Disney is keeping that tradition alive. A new video has just been released that blends the making-of footage into one thrilling montage.

09082016 d9

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Green-screens. CGI. Motion capture. Incredible Foley work. The Star Wars franchise has it all. But audiences rarely pay attention to it. The better the special effects, the more natural they seem on screen–and that’s what drives escapism. And the escapism of “The Force Awakens” was right up there with the best of them.

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The video below, even though it is a long montage, still captures much of the excitement. For those of us who want to know what time it is and how they made the watch, this video is almost like a trailer for something larger.

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So here’s to Industrial Light & Magic. Most of what they do isn’t really magic, but the end result is magical. Too often, the behind the scenes is like a magician who explains how his trick is done–afterwards it just feels lackluster. But not this.

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The team that Lucas put together, and that continues to build on the traditions and stories he established, have proven that anything is possible. And they’re mastering what Lucas only dreamed about when he began filming A New Hope.

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So sit back and crank up the volume. Dim the lights. “The Force Awakens” may be a pleasant memory for most of us now, but this teaser is a reminder that there’s more to come. Much more. And it is going to keep getting easier to produce, and more sophisticated.

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“Rogue One” will be in theaters in December, just over three months away.