Neighbors Form Human Shield to Give Immigrant Father & Son Chance to Escape [VIDEO]

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President Trump announced last month that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would be conducting large-scale raids across the United States in the hopes of getting a grasp on the illegal immigration issue. A viral video showed a father and son, who allegedly came here illegally, being pulled over by two ICE agents in an unmarked F-150 Monday morning.

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The video, which took place in Nashville, Tennesse, showed the father and his 12-year-old son refusing to get out of their vehicle, while neighbors and activists hold hands to make a human chain to stop ICE agents from arresting the two.

According to neighbors, they’ve noticed the F-150 in the area for the past two weeks. Nobody thought anything of it until they pulled in behind the alleged illegal immigrants as they parked in their driveway at 8 am Monday morning, the Daily Mail reported.

A four-hour standoff ensued with ICE agents becoming visibly angered by the situation. One ICE agent can be heard yelling at the vehicle: “You’ll have to exit eventually.” Another agent even tried to bribe the two occupants in the vehicle by claiming they would pay them to come out, the Washington Post reported.

At one point, an ICE agent is heard telling the father: “If you don’t come out, we’re going to arrest you, we’re going to arrest your 12-year-old son.” Daniel Ayoadeyoon, a local attorney who saw the video, offered his insights: “That’s just not legal, it’s not the right law.”

ICE agents called the local police to ask for assistance handling the ever-growing crowd, but Nashville Mayor David Briley was clear when he told his officers “do not actively participate in immigration enforcement efforts and only serve as peacekeepers,” Fox 17 reported. Local police did arrive but only kept the peace. They did not help assist in the apprehension of the two.

The neighbors also brought food and water for the father and son to keep them comfortable until the ICE agents left in an effort to de-escalate the situation.

“They don’t bother nobody and this is illegal,” one bystander told local media after the ICE agents left.  Another neighbor, Felishadae Young, added: “I’ve been knowing these people for 14 years. It’s sad to see these children being ripped away from their parents.”