Need to Induce Nightmares? How About a Night in the Catacombs?

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Lovely, isn't it?
Lovely, isn’t it?

Okay, October is a terrifying month. There are horror movies, terrible costumes, terrible sexy costumes, and a general sense of dread. But AirBNB has decided that’s not enough. Instead, a handful of ‘lucky’ people will get to spend a night in the catacombs beneath Paris, in a room litterally lined with skulls.
The catacombs, for those unfamilair, are a massive tomb network beneath Paris containing over six million people. Not living people either. The prize includes a story teller, though being sixty-six feet beneath the earth means internet and television are right out. So, tales in the crypt, but no Tales from the Crypt.
The contest? Write why your brave enough to do it, by Oct. 20th.