Navy Prosecutors Won’t Drop Murder Charge Against SEAL Even Though Another Man Confessed Under Oath

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Although Navy SEAL Edward Gallagher is on trial for allegedly murdering a teenage ISIS fighter, the courtroom was shaken when Navy SEAL medic Corey Scott shockingly testified with immunity that he was the one who killed the teen. Even after Scott admitted to the court his part in the crime, prosecutors plan to carry on with the trail.

According to Scott’s account of what happened in Mosul in 2017, Gallagher was informed by another SEAL team that they had captured the unnamed teen ISIS fighter. Those who were there testified that Gallagher told the others: “Leave him, he’s all mine.”

The teen, who was wounded by an airstrike earlier that day, was killed after he was stabbed in the neck and side, allegedly by Gallagher. Gallagher has always refuted that he killed the boy and claimed that he was trying to save the boy’s life by opening his throat to insert a breathing tube, the Daily Mail reported.

But during his testimony, Scott admitted that while Gallagher did stab the unarmed teen, he was not ultimately responsible for his death. Scott said that he was responsible for the boy’s death when he suffocated him. Scott claims he did so as a mercy killing.

After the boy was killed, witnesses testified that Gallagher calmly looked at the boy and called him “just an ISIS dirtbag.”

Scott told the court he was concerned that the boy would have been tortured by Iraqi Forces if he lived. “I knew he was going to die anyway, and wanted to save him from waking up to whatever would have happened to him,” Scott said.

Scott proclaimed Gallagher’s innocence by adding, “He’s got a wife and family. I don’t think he should spend the rest of his life in prison.”

Prosecutors, who were visibly shocked and angered by Scott’s revelations, responded to Scott’s remarks by stating: “You can stand up there, and you can lie about how you killed the ISIS prisoner so Chief Gallagher does not have to go to jail.”

The New York Post reported that photos of Gallagher holding the lifeless teen’s head up were shown to the court in San Diago, California.

Gallagher has proclaimed his innocence since he was charged and arrested. His defense team has argued that the other SEALs didn’t like his leadership style so they tried to tarnish his name and reputation by framing him.

The SEALs Gallagher is referring to testified to the court that Gallagher had a long history of trying to injure and kill Iraqi civilians, including shooting at a group of women gathering water. The trail will continue Monday when other witnesses are expected to testify.