National Anthem Protestor Colin Kaepernick Finally BENCHED

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The founder of the National Anthem protest that has become a national conversation has found his way onto the bench for the San Francisco 49ers after have a record setting game. Although it wasn’t a record any quarterback ever wanted. Kaepernick is now the first starting quarterback in NFL history to be sacked five times and throw for less than five yards in one game. Ouch.


According to an ESPN report:

Kaepernick, who entered the game having thrown for more yards in the past four games than in any four-game stretch in his career, struggled mightily in the cold and snow of Soldier Field.


At the time the Niners pulled him for Gabbert, Kaepernick was 1-of-5 passing for 4 yards, with no touchdowns and no interceptions for a passer rating of 39.6. He was also sacked five times for 25 yards, leaving the Niners with negative-21 net passing yards and a 24-6 deficit at the time of his departure.

Head coach Chip Kelly pulled Kaepernick from the game and replaced him with backup Blaine Gabbert who surpassed Kaepernick’s yardage total for the prior three quarters on his first pass from scrimmage, throwing an eighteen yard completion.


“It wasn’t something I was expecting,” Kaepernick said. “I am always prepared and ready to do everything I can to help this team win.”

“It’s not about my feelings. It’s about being able to help this team win. This coaching staff didn’t feel like I was out there being able to help this team win, so they made a change, whether I agree with that or not,” he continued.


Kelly said no decision has been made about the starting quarterback job for the rest of the seasons. However, with the negative attention Kaepernick is attracting from his national anthem protest and the recent revelation that he has never voted (including the recent presidential election), combined with his subpar performance on the field, making the bench Kaepernick’s permanent home might seem pretty appealing to the 49er’s front office right about now.