Naruto Style Runner Spotted At Area 51 [VIDEO]

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Earlier this year, a Facebook event was created with the goal listed as to “see them aliens,” by storming Area 51. The event was originally created as a joke, but the machine that is the internet turned it into much more. Millions of people RSVP’ed to attend the event. Well, after months of waiting, the day is finally here.

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Despite stern warnings from the U.S. military, people have begun showing up in droves, albeit nowhere near the millions of people claiming they were going to be attending.

A journalist from KTNV ActionK News was speaking about the event near the base when suddenly a man was seen running “Naruto style” in the camera frame behind him.

For those unaware, this style of running consists of lowering your head and throwing your arms behind in a pose meant to suggest that the person is running incredibly fast. It was made popular by the Japanese show Naruto, which aired in America on February 2007.

Along with tape of this man’s unique running style, people have begun live-streaming their travels to the mysterious Air Force base. It will be interesting at the end of the day to see how many people actually show up.

While most are there to promote their social media platforms, some actual UFO enthusiasts have been spotted near the base, an event that isn’t uncommon with so many accounts of alien activity in the surrounding area.

The town of Rachel, which is home to 54 people and the home of the event, is concerned that all of their supplies and food will be bought up by the large influx of people going through their town.

The country commissioner for the small town “planned and staged enough to handle 30,000 to 40,000 people,” The Independent reported.

In fact, the nearest gas station to Rachel is 50 miles away in Alamo, Nevada, CNN reported. The one hotel, which only has 14 rooms, has been booked for months in advance. Earlier this week, two YouTubers were arrested after they got about 3 miles into the Air Force Base’s land.

There’s no telling what else will transpire before the day ends.