Nail Bomb That Exploded in FedEx Facility Overnight Was Headed to Austin

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A FedEx employee sorting packages in a distribution facility, Tuesday, was injured when a package bomb exploded on the conveyor line. The improvised bomb was filled with nails and other shrapnel. This is the latest incident in what has become a deadly string of bombings in the Lone Star state.

While this bomb exploded in the Schertz FedEx facility, just east of San Antonio, authorities have indicated that the package’s destination was Austin, where the other bombs were set off. Three of those bombs were in packages left on doorsteps. The fourth is believed to have been triggered by a trip wire.

FedEx said in a statement to Fox News that an employee has been treated for “minor injuries.”

“We are working closely with law enforcement in their investigation,” the statement said. “We are not providing any additional specific information about this package at this time.”

Authorities indicated that the injuries were related to the sound of the explosion and not shrapnel.

“The blast drew a large response from state, local and federal law enforcement agencies,” Fox writes. “Federal agents told the Associated Press the package is likely linked to attacks in Austin, while an ATF spokesperson told Fox News that officials are processing evidence at the scene and its ‘too early’ to say if this fifth blast is related.”

“Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said at a news conference Monday that although the Sunday night bomb was linked to the three previous blasts, the latest bomb showed more sophistication as opposed to the previous three incidents, which involved package bombs left on people’s doorsteps.”

If this bomb is linked, it marks another evolution in the bomber’s tactics. If the bomb in this instance may be the work of a copycat bomber, as is often the case in high profile attacks like this, the psychological effect on Texans is the same. Authorities have been warning residents to avoid all packages that look suspicious. Now, if the package made it into the FedEx system, that warning will extend to packages that appear official, too.