Mystery as Group of Hotel Guests are Killed by Crossbows

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Police are investigating the death of three hotel guests who were found in their room on Saturday. The guests had all been impaled by crossbow bolts and were discovered by employees in the hotel property’s guesthouse. Investigators described the scene as being like something out of “Game of Thrones” and are trying to determine precisely what happened.

The bodies were discovered at a hotel in Passau, Germany, a town that resides near the Ilz River and the Austrian border, according to a report by Fox News.

Along with the bodies, which were discovered at approximately 12:00 pm local time on Saturday, employees also found two crossbows in the room.

Police stated that a 53-year-old man and two women, 33 and 30 years old, were the victims. All of the deceased guests were German citizens.

Local media reports state that the victims checked in on Friday and were scheduled for a three-day stay in Passau.

Investigators are still trying to determine what happened. German police stated that what occurred in the guesthouse isn’t entirely clear and they aren’t completely sure what led the three guests to be killed with crossbows. Reportedly, there isn’t any evidence that anyone else was involved.

The relationship between the three guests is also unclear. According to reports, the women are not the man’s daughters.

Prosecutors have ordered an autopsy and are hoping to gain additional insight into what may have happened. The postmortems should be complete early next week.

A vehicle was also seized by police as part of the investigation.

During an interview with a local news outlet, another guest stated that it had been a “completely quiet night” and that she didn’t observe anything suspicious.

By Saturday night, law enforcement asserted that there wasn’t any additional information to collect from the property. The guesthouse has since been reopened for business.