Mysterious, Official Looking Signs Show Up in California Welcoming Illegal Immigrants and MS-13 Gang Members

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Someone has a sophisticated sense of humor. They are also dedicated. Very well made signs have been appearing along highways welcoming in illegals and gang members. They all have a slightly sarcastic edge to them, but they’re so well crafted that many assume they are official (at least until they read the text).

“Drivers entering California are being greeted with signs proclaiming the liberal bastion an ‘OFFICIAL SANCTUARY STATE,'” Fox writes. Where official signs used to welcome visitors, the cheeky signs are now in place.

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Dead accurate. Any place giving refuge to illegal aliens is an open invitation for the worst of the worst to come from around the world to live free of fear of being deported. Vigilantes from foreign countries will cross the border and seek refuge in these places. Illegal immigrant Women will fly over or cross the border pregnant to give birth and get benefits for herself and her new citizen baby. Not to mention free healthcare, child birth, wic, and you're even allowed to get your drivers license, how's that? Sounds like paradise for any non citizen. As California plunges to the highest poverty state with 1.5 trillion in debt. Crumbling dams, roads, and bridges. Graffiti everywhere you can't go for a hike without seeing it in our national forests, on rocks on boulders, creeks, trees on walls, bridges, schools trains, bathrooms. And Who needs vetting and medical screeening? As third world diseases flood into our state. Let's just inject every innocent kid with "vaccines" to keep diseases from third world countries from spreading! Say hello to your new neighbors California! Don't mind the gun shots and sirens. That's normal. You live in a high tax, high crime, police state now. Slave labor has returned to America in a different form! You pay the tab! Future permanent democrat voters! They are more important to your "leaders" than you! Don't believe me read the facts—-V #2ndamendment #backtheblue #fakenews #democrat #military #patriot #alllivesmatter #president #libtards #liberallogic #draintheswamp #supportourtroops #gun #constitution #capitalism #mikepence #teaparty #mattis #trumppence #guns #donaldtrump #freedom #liberty #veteran #prolife #goptaxscam #iran #taxplan #hillaryclinton #freeiran

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The new Sanctuary State sign reads “Felons, Illegals and MS13 [gang members] welcome.” The sign is similar to one hung up by a Malibu activist in 2017.

“Official Sanctuary City ‘Cheap Nannies and Gardeners Make Malibu Great!’ (Boyle Heights Not So Much.)” read the Malibu sign on the side of the Pacific Coast Highway.

“Democrats Need The Votes!” reads the sign. The well-crafted signs have the Great Seal of California and the Democratic Party’s donkey symbol.

“California became a ‘sanctuary state’ on Monday after a bill Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law in October officially took effect,” Fox notes.

This new measure flies in the face of President Trump’s immigration reform efforts, and prevents police from asking about immigration status or taking part in any federal efforts to enforce immigration policies.

California is home to many illegals. Estimates put the number over 2 million.

It remains unclear if the new sign is the work of the same prankster who put up the Malibu sign.

“That sign was reported by a California State Parks employee to authorities but was already taken down by the time deputies arrived to investigate,” Fox writes.

“This was not an official city sign,” Malibu Councilwoman Laura Rosenthal had told the Los Angeles Times. “It’s down, and it’s very disheartening that anyone would put up such an ugly sign.”

“Whoever did this spent some time on it,” she added.