Mysterious Bug Bite Leaves Man Covered in Bruises. Doctors Scratching Their Heads [VIDEO]

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Doctors are collectively scratching their heads after a man was admitted to the hospital with a mysterious bug bite on his arm. Shortly after the bug bit into the man’s arm, his entire arm was covered with excruciating bruises. The family of the man created a GoFundMe account to try and cover his medical costs.

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Thomas Jay of Chandler, Arizona, was taking out the trash when he came into contact with a mysterious bug that he said looked like a hybrid between a scorpion and a spider. As he wiped the bug off his arm, he was bitten and felt the “most excruciating pain” of his life.

“As I glanced at it really quick, all of a sudden I just felt this excruciating pinch, this pressure, this bite or a sting that happened and occurred,” he explained to CBS. “And I immediately went and swatted the bug off.”

Within a few hours of being bitten, Jay realized a series of sensitive bruises were beginning to cover his arm.

“It started with one little round circle and became an emergency in a matter of hours,” Jay’s wife Dee Petrov recalled. “We are still praying there are no long-term effects, but there are still issues with the arm and more medical tests and doctors to see.”

Jay spent the next week in a local hospital while various tests were run on him in an effort to discover what was happening to his arm. After a multitude of tests came back negative, doctors from multiple hospitals in the surrounding area are still scratching their heads with no idea what caused Jay’s reaction.

Jay and his wife are still waiting for biopsy results, and the Arizona man has agreed to be part of a case study for further analysis, according to the New York Daily News.

The husband and wife duo created a $10,000 GoFundMe account to lighten the burden of the mountain of hospital bills they’ve been receiving.  They told Fox News that any money exceeding their goal would go towards research of this mysterious bug.