Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World Stops Home Invasion.

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Boy Meets World costar William Daniels made headlines today when news broke that the 91-year-old actor stopped a home invasion. It was his home that was being burglarized, and all he had to do was cut on a light, but still. Will Friedle, one of the other stars of the show, summed it up well: “don’t ever mess with Mr. Feeny.”

At 91, Daniels isn’t all that intimidating. He never was, physically. Yet Daniels has made an enviable career in Hollywood playing characters with character, like Feeny.

News reports of the attempted break in say that Daniels was at home with his wife when someone tried to gain entry Saturday night.

The intruder forced open a back door of their home, but Daniels heard the noise and went to investigate. When he cut on the light, the intruder scarpered.

“Luckily, Mr. Daniels was able to frighten away the person and the LAPD quickly responded,” his publicist said. “They are both well. Mr Daniels thanks all his fans for their concern.”

Daniels may be best known for his television work, but he’s been an integral part of some epic films, too. His voice, with that distinctive edge, delivers monologues well. It is hard to hear Mr. Feeny speaking and not hear the parental tone of Mr. Bradock form the 1967 masterpiece The Graduate.

Even then, when Daniels was in his late 30s, Daniels was able to hold that hard line of wisdom and judgement that he has embodied ever since.