Moviegoers Say New Halloween Movie is So Scary They Wet Themselves

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With the scariest holiday of the year on the horizon, people often flock to horror movies. This year, the new Halloween became a hit, earning enough to be dubbed the franchises most successful film. Along with positive critic reviews, moviegoers have also given their seal of approval. Some are even claiming the movie was so scary that they wet themselves.

Over the film’s opening weekend, Halloween racked in $77.5 million in the box office.

Set 40 years after the original movie, the new Halloween is essentially a sequel to the original and largely ignores any of the other installments, including the Rob Zombie spin-offs and Halloween H:20, the sequel where Jamie Lee Curtis’ character, Laurie Strode, actually died.

By eliminating any influence from the previous sequels, Curtis was able to come back as Laurie Strode. Due to the new film’s success, it became the highest grossing horror movie with a female lead.

The audience Rotten Tomatoes score is solid, coming in at 76 percent, and many viewers have taken to Twitter to discuss their thoughts on the film, including that they were so scared that they “pissed” themselves or that they “cried from fear” while watching the movie.

Others claim that the film is keeping them from getting any sleep.

Critics have also been predominately positive when reviewing the film, and Halloween is even “certified fresh” with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 79 percent.

h/t LAD Bible